Protect your privacy, and yourself. Learn more about HIV One Step Test Device of hivtestkit ph!

How ‘ya doing my lovely readers? I hope y’all doing great! Here’s another #honest review from yours truly. Read along to know what’s on the table for today 😉

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that is passed from one person to another through blood, semen, and other body fluids such as breast milk. There’s a misconception that HIV can only be acquired thru sexual intercourse. This is wrong. I heard many cases of hiv infection thru an infected needle (syringe).

HIV may lead to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus) if untreated and undetected. Well, we all heard of the saying “prevention is better than cure”, am I right? Hence, early detection can help us give early treatment.

You can either go to hospitals or health centers to get tested, OR, you can buy hiv test kits online. It’s actually your choice. To help you decide, let me share to you my own experience. Read further.

To begin with, I am not sexually active. I only have 1 sexual partner, so acquiring hiv has never been my concern. However, I got inked (tattooed) few weeks ago. I am fully aware that hiv can also be transferred through needles, which is being used in tattooing.  I do trust my tattoo artist; however, I just want to confirm that I am not infected.

Hence, I decided to test myself. But my dilemma is that I am scared to face people knowing that I may have hiv. So my next step is that searching for a portable or home kit.

Luckily, I found this…

This is the Fujibio HIV One Step Device Kit that is available in

This kit is from Japan. As we all know, Japan yan eh! So technically, aside from it being legit, it is also proven to be safe yet effective. Here’s their website by the way –

This kit thought is not FDA approved here in the Philippines because testing and monitoring of hiv cases are strictly done by the DOH. Further, this kit is approved by FDA Japan. So this is really helpful to those people like me na gustong mag test at home.

The price?  875.00. Each kit includes:

1 x Sterile HIV 1/2 Test Cassette
1 x Sterile HIV Buffer Solution
1 x Sterile Finger Prick Device
1 x Sterile Pipettor
1 x Alcohol Prep Pad
User Manual.


It is very important that you are psychologically ready in taking the test. Our trained team of counselors are ready to accept your calls so you can express more about your fears and concerns in taking an HIV Test. All information that you will provide with our counselors are kept confidential and will never be shared to anyone.


If the device shows a negative result after carefully following our HIV test kit user manual and it has been 3 months since you had a risk incident, you likely do not have HIV.

If the device shows a positive result, You will have to call our team of counselors so we can provide more information on how to get confirmatory testing using western blot. We will also provide you with information on what to do at this point as well as resources to various HIV support groups near your area. Rest assured that calls are strictly confidential.

*Detailed instructions are included in the manual insert.*

Are you ready for the result?


Negative. Yes! The result I got was negative, so that means, I am safe! 🙂

I really recommend this one guys! Protecting your privacy should also be your concern.

P.S. I got this package with a label of “supplement” instead of “testing kit” so kudos to for this 😉


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